We wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, our country. We give thanks for this land and all the beings who dwell here. We seek their continued blessings to guide and protect us as we care for The Valley.

Banner photo by Wendy McDougall

We were raised in Tasmania, the Southern most state of Australia and our childhood was spent growing up with nature as our playground under the guidance of loving, supportive family.

This childhood life style formed the bonds for a strong connection between county and family and set a firm foundation for life's journey, a journey which led us back to the land and a desire to cultivate natural, connected community in one of Tasmania's many wild places.

As well as being custodians of The Valley we have passionately dedicated our lives to music - Riversong Music.

Music, whether it be listening, performing or writing has been our constant companion. It demands nothing. It is non-judgemental. It is ever present in the sound of a river, the wind in the trees, the heartbeat of the land, the songs of our childhood, the music of the creative giants that have shaped our vocabulary. It is a gift for which we are eternally grateful. See below a short film we’ve produced for Melissa Black. Cover design by Wendy McDougall, body painting by Orly Faya.



We met Cabe and Mystery through the Rainbow Valley gathering at The Valley in 2015/16. Cabe was our first contact for the gathering and we felt an instant heart connection with him. These men are passionate defenders of the forest, which led us to invite them to be volunteer Private Forest Rangers. We are thrilled and grateful they have joined our team of Valley custodians.


All our brothers and sisters on the 'FOREST GUARDIANS' list have made a contribution to The Valley Wilderness Retreat by either:

In addition to those on the list there are others who wish to remain anonymous and those for whom we have only an email address.  Out of respect for their privacy we haven't included them on the list - FOREST GUARDIANS

Become a Forest Guardian by subscribing below and join our family. We look forward to welcoming all Forest Guardians to The Valley.


International Rainbow Family gathering at The Valley from December 2015 to February 2016. Photo by David Willison


In late 2015 through to February 2016, hundreds of people from many countries around the world came home to The Valley and lived in community for a number of weeks. It was the driest summer in years and our worst fire season in Tasmania, therefore the conditions were hard. The seed team respected our wishes and followed some key rules which set a strong foundation for a peaceful and successful family gathering. Many people came and went, and it is a credit to their love, respect and gratitude to the land that they left no footprint. What they did leave were lasting and joyful memories in The Valley and in the community at large. To witness their strong connection to the land, deep sense of gratitude and respect for one another and the wilderness, for us, was a dream come true. We look forward to many more gatherings in The Valley.

Eight wallabies were released in The Valley in September 2016. The one at the front is Banjo, raised from 180g.

Eight wallabies were released in The Valley in September 2016. The one at the front is Banjo, raised from 180g.


The Valley is also a member of 'Land for Wildlife' and we are working with local wildlife carer, Oma Rodger, providing a safe place to release rehabilitated animals. We had our first release of eight wallabies in September 2016 and look forward to many more. The wallaby at the front in the image is Banjo. He was raised by Oma from 180g.

If you are able to help support Oma with her work, or are interested in becoming a carer, please visit the Tasmanian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council inc.


When you subscribe we keep you informed about happenings in The Valley and our associated music projects once a month and add your name to our Forest Guardian list published on this site. If you would like to offer support in the form of expert knowledge and advice, boots on the ground to aid with weed management and flood debris clean up or just want a friendly chat, feel free to comment below and we will respond. Thanks for taking the time.

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