In the Valley we have two major management issues for the Private Reserve - fox gloves and motorbikes.

The images on this page are from aerial and on the ground photography taken in September 2016 which shows the land degradation which has been caused by motorbikes trespassing on private property.

Trespassers on motorbikes have robbed, vandalised, destroyed, cut fences, removed signage and caused no end of grief since we purchased the property in 2002. Unfortunately this is a problem that affects many land owners in remote and rural areas around the country.

If you are a local or just happen to be passing through the area and have any knowledge regarding this illegal activity we would be very grateful for your insight. It is a local issue and affects all of us. If the community comes together we can stop this from continuing to happen.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you can help. Thanks for your care and consideration.