Photograph by Trudi Bird

The property was purchased in 2002 and was officially declared a 'Private Forest Reserve' in 2007, thus ensuring that the natural values of the forest communities will be protected in perpetuity.


Our Mission

As caretakers of the Valley we are committed to managing the ecosystem in such a way as to encourage it's natural development, to listen and observe what the land needs and support those needs. We aspire to conserve, connect, protect and create through sharing this land with visitors from around the world and offering a place of sanctuary and solace.

The Valley is a Private Forest Reserve and is also part of the 'Land for Wildlife' program. As custodians of this land we are dedicated to the care and well being of all the wide and varied native flora and fauna. We consider all that dwell in this place, seen and unseen, as our family.

Remove nothing from here except; nourishment for the soul, consolation for the heart, inspiration for the mind.