Dear bush walkers and nature enthusiasts

The Dooley Trail is a walking track which begins at the bottom of Gentle Annie hill and winds South along the Wilmot river and continues on around The Valley, as shown on the displayed map (the red dot is our boundary at East Ellis). At present the Western side of the track above East Ellis ends at the boundary where the first Southern section of The Valley joins state forest at the platypus pool (not shown on the map). There is no through access at the present time and we would appreciate it if walkers and track maintenance volunteers did not pass through The Valley or place trail markers on the property or in the Private Forest Reserve.

We support the trail and acknowledge it's value to the local community and look forward to facilitating through passage, seasonally, in the future. 

Thank you for respecting our wishes and safe travels.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are walking South of Ellis Flats please head south east and do not take the western trail as there is no access through the Valley at this time. Thanks.