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The Valley was purchased in 2002 and officially became a Private Forest Reserve on a federal register in 2007. This title registration affords 'The Valley' the same status as a national park whilst still remaining under the care of private owners. Our mission is to conserve, protect and nurture this unique property thus ensuring that the natural values are maintained for generations to come.

Any support would be most welcome, whether it comes in the form of expert knowledge and advice, boots on the ground to aid with weed management and flood debris clean up or just a friendly chat.



We are fortunate to have had two volunteers come on board. They are now rangers for the reserve. Our ongoing focus is in the management and natural control of the foxglove (digitalis purpurea) plant which has become a prolific weed. The population exploded during the past seven years and has been exacerbated by three major floods during this time. We are coordinating regular working bees to remove, mow and manage the foxglove menace. If you have the time and inclination and would like to spend a day in the Wilderness, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our rangers.


ABOUT FOXGLOVE (Digitalis purpurea)
Refer to images shown - all photography by Trudi Bird

Foxglove is a tall biennial herb that grows up to 2m. It has masses of large purple or white flowers on a spike up to 50 cm long. It produces vast quantities of very fine, highly viable seed. Foxgloves can invade disturbed shrubby or wet eucalypt forest. They are prominent in open disturbed bush but disappear once the canopy closes up and may reappear with further disturbance. Foxglove is toxic so take precautions when handling all parts of the plant ie. wear gloves.

Hand-pulling: This is an effective and easy way of removing foxgloves. If an infestation is just starting to appear you may be able to hand-pull the first plants. If there is any hint of seed on the plants cut the tops off and place them in a bag for removal and burning then hand-pull the plants.

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